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GenoVive meal program packagingOh, how the motion of eating can change so drastically in a day’s time.  No more late night cheese platter with a tall glass of wine, and no more caramel filled chocolate squares for my midafternoon craving.  My breakfast is new, my lunch is new, my dinner is new, and my snacks are brand new to my taste buds.  I am diving full into the GenoVive meal program.

As a nation, we focus on appearance and make assumptions based on weight.  It is sad, but true.  As a result, we rely on fad diets to help us reach culturally acceptable weights.  The word fad is defined as an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something short lived, so when we combine fad and diet we get a short-term diet.  Fad diets come and go as the enthusiasm cultivates and then fades into the distance. 

Have you ever wondered why Sally down the street can eat doughnuts every morning for breakfast and never budge the scale, but you can merely glance at the sign and increase a dress size?   Was she just born this way? Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t, but now there is scientific evidence to answer the question - What is the difference between YOU and ME?

Before the advent of modern society and mass agriculture, people had to struggle to get enough fuel in their bodies to survive. Sources of food were sometimes sparse and unpredictable. Cavemen and their contemporaries would sometimes have to travel vast distances and face fearsome predators in order to get enough nutrients to keep them and their families/tribes alive. The thought of a pre-historic human counting calories or weighing out just the right amount of bison meat is quite absurd. When food is scarce, you eat as much as you can when the food is available.

Imagine waking up one morning and making the goal to become the President of the United States. If you paid attention to politics or history you would know that you would have to accomplish a lot before this could realistically happen. You’d have to develop positive ties to the community, get elected to local positions, refine your public image, get elected to higher level offices and then eventually get elected as something like a governor or senator, all while establishing a vast network of connections and raising lots of money for campaigns.  Only then would you have a realistic chance of being elected president. It’s all about making small victories to form a path to a larger one. It works the same way for losing weight.

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