Food & Exercise A Day with GenoVive

Your GenoVive Weight Management DNA Test and Genetic Profile Report is the key to your weight loss success.  It provides the insight about your individual metabolic needs – how your body works according to your genetics – to put you on the right path in learning how to eat and exercise.

GenoVive looks at a series of genes and your individual gene variants to learn how your body uses the macronutrients in your diet: carbohydrates, fats and proteins and how your body responds to exercise.

Your results report will tell you about:

  • The appropriate percentage of macronutrients you should eat each day: carbohydrates, fat and protein
  • The right calorie level to fuel your weight loss:  1300, 1600 or 1900 calories per day
  • The exercise intensity level to achieve the best calorie burning results: moderate or vigorous intensity


So, once you have that information… what do you do with it?  GenoVive has made it easy to re-learn to eat what’s best for you with our Customized Meal Program delivered just for you.

Take a look at a typical day:


GenoVive breakfastBreakfast:

Warm Whole Grain Cereal with Cinnamon & Honey

Cranberry apple NOLA bar

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Take your Gen-Multi, Gen-Omega and Gen-Biotic supplements



GenoVive snackSnack:

Peanut Butter Cookie Bar




GenoVive lunchLunch:

Southwestern Style Chicken Soup with Fire Roasted Corn

Seeded Spelt Flat Bread

Cranberry Apple Fruit Snack



GenoVive snack for DNA dietSnack:

Sweet Almond Puffs




GenoVive dinnerDinner:

Marinara Sauce with Beef Meatballs

Penne Pasta




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