From the moment you contact us about placing your order, GenoVive is committed to protecting your privacy.  After placing your order, your DNA sample kit will arrive at your home in a USPS Priority Mail envelope.  Inside the package,you will notice a special envelope with a bar code number.  After using the cheek swabs to collect your DNA, let the swabs dry then place them inside the tamper resistant plastic envelope.  Using the postage paid mailing envelope, you'll send your sample back to our CLIA certified laboratory.  Inside the lab, the technician will identify your sample by its number.  Once your results are ready, the computer matches your number back to your account and will send you your profile report via a password protected file.  Your DNA test results are only shared with you.

After testing and verification, your DNA sample will be destroyed according to HIPAA guidelines unless you specify otherwise on your order form.  All of your other personal information including your profile questionnaire is kept confidential and is never shared.

 There are federal laws in place to protect your genetic privacy. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) is U.S. federal legislation that protects Americans from discrimination (in health insurance and employment decisions) on the basis of genetic information.




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