As the first comprehensive weight management program combining DNA science and personalized nutrition, we have received many inquiries from healthcare professionals interested in offering GenoVive to their patients.  We’re pleased to announce the introduction of the GenoVive Professional Solutions Healthcare Affiliate program.


As a GenoVive customer, your patients will receive all the benefits of the GenoVive program:

  • The GenoVive Weight Management DNA Test
  • The GenoVive Weight Management Genetic Profile Report
  • A customized all natural meal program that’s customized for the patient’s individual metabolic needs based on their genotype
  • A multi-level exercise program that’s also customized to their ideal amount of exercise based on their genotype
  • Premium nutritional supplements: multivitamin and mineral, omega 3 and probiotic.
  • Maintenance program options designed for lasting weight management success


As a GenoVive Professional Solutions Affiliate, you will receive:

  • A new revenue stream for your practice:  a monthly sales commission on all of your patient’s orders
  • A copy of your patient’s Weight Management Genetic Profile report for individual consultation
  • The opportunity to provide further customization to your patient’s meal program


Click here to learn more information on the GenoVive affiliate program for health care professionals.  We look forward to working with you to help your patients make lasting healthy lifestyle changes through weight loss with GenoVive.


Read more about the science behind GenoVive including recent clinical studies that show how you can lose more weight with a DNA customized diet

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